Monday, May 21, 2012

Heraldry In and Around Dallas, Texas (circa 1998)

Here’s a sign I ran across on a trip up into Oklahoma back in 1998.

It’s from a billboard ad for Shelter Insurance agent Jerry Downs.  The shield I suppose could be blazoned as: Azure the words Shelter Insurance, a base wavy gules fimbriated all within a bordurelet argent.

I checked on-line (I don't get up by Durant as often as I used to), and Mr. Downs is apparently still selling Shelter Insurance in Durant, Oklahoma.  So if you’re in the area of Durant and need some additional insurance, you know where you can get it.  (Disclaimer: I have no relationship with either Jerry Downs or Shelter Insurance, and cannot speak to the value of purchasing insurance from them.  I merely note it as an option.)

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