Thursday, May 17, 2012

Heraldry In and Around Dallas, Texas (circa 1998)

Today’s “blast from the past” heraldry from that collection of photos I was taking back in 1998 is the arms-like logo of the Olmsted-Kirk Paper Company, or O-K Paper for short.

I ran across this logo plastered all over the sides and front of one of their trucks sitting by the side of some railroad tracks in an industrial section of north Dallas.

At the time, they were also using this sturdy fellow, bearing their shield and protecting the letters that its customers were, it expected, sending through the mail.  (The idea of an envelope being a “coat of mail” is really a pretty good pun.  Or a pretty bad one, depending upon your point of view.)

While the company has changed its logo a bit since 1998, you can see that they have not modified it a whole lot; here’s the one they are using today.

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