Monday, May 29, 2017

Another Armorial Chair

There was another not-very-comfortable-looking chair in Provand's Lordship in Glasgow with a coat of arms carved into its back. This one, alas, did not have a sign giving any information about it, so we are pretty much left on our own to try to ferret out the arms here.

After going through several of my ordinaries (books that organize coats of arms by the charges on the shield) for Scottish heraldry, I believe that these arms carved here are a variant of Mercer, many of which are in the form of On a fess between three crosses (usually paty, sometimes crosses crosslet, sometimes plain) three roundels.

The Mercer arms that come closest to the arms on this chair were found in An Ordinary of Scottish Arms for Mr. Robert Mercer of Cannaway: Or on a fess between three crosses paty in chief gules and in base a mullet azure three bezants. The Lyon Ordinary, Volume I, gives this same blazon for Mercer of Aldie (1672-7).

The crosses on this chair might more specifically be blazoned as crosses moline, but may very well fall within the more general description of crosses paty (a cross in which the arms widen as they extend out from the center.

So do we have an identification for this coat of arms? I think that we do: Mercer.

But still, I'm not certain that I'd want to sit in this chair for very long, with all that carving digging into my back. I'll stick to my leather recliner, thank you very much!

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