Monday, October 3, 2016

Non-Heraldry on the Streets of Glasgow

Continuing our heraldic tour of Glasgow, Scotland (and, not wanting to bore you with a surfeit, there's a lot that I'm not including in these posts), we come once again to one of my frustrations as a heraldry enthusiast: empty shields and cartouches.

There's a lot of heraldry to be found in Glasgow. Sadly, there's also a lot of non-heraldry to be found there, as well. Blank shields can be found all over the central parts of the City. Which is a bit of a shame, really, since some of them were ornately carved and otherwise decorated. It's like having a really nice picture frame, but not mounting a picture or painting in it. So, as I have before, I found myself wishing I had a ladder and cans of paint, so I could sneak out late at night and paint coats of arms on some of these shields. But, no ladder, no paint, and no desire to be arrested for vandalism, so I didn't. Thus I leave you with the following selection of (still empty) shields:

See what I mean? Lavishly decorated, surrounded by ornate, detailed carving. Blank shield.


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  2. If you ever go to Barcelona you'll see so many of these they'll make you think that maybe the coat of arms of the Count of Barcelona was "Argent plain" instead of "Or, four pallets Gules"