Monday, October 20, 2014

Norway, Part Nine - Arms or Not?

I did run across just a few shields in Oslo where I wasn't certain whether they were a real coat of arms or if they were simply artistic decoration on what would otherwise have been a blank shield.  (And we all know how I feel about blank shields!)

So, yeah, I kind of like these, but I'm not certain just how much I should like them.  You understand?

I think I saw this same design in Heidelberg, Germany, a couple of years ago.  Though that one, as I recall, was done in a red stone or concrete.

Nope.  Looking at that post (, this is a bend sinister; the ones in Heidelberg - and there several different versions of the same shield, and so I have to assume of a real coat of arms - were of Or a bend gules.

So, real heraldry or simply artistic decoration?  I don't know for sure, but I do prefer it to blank shields, don't you?

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