Thursday, February 21, 2013

Coats of Arms at Heidelberg University

Continuing our heraldic tour of Heidelberg, Germany, we must naturally enough go by the University.  The city has been a university town for literally centuries.  Founded in 1386, the university is the oldest in Germany, and was the third university established in the Holy Roman Empire.  Naturally enough, it has a coat of arms, which it proudly displays in a variety of ways: in color and hatched, and sometimes (as in this example and another, below) both.

The blazon of the arms in English is: Or a bend gules.  Which is about as simple a coat of arms as you can possibly get.

There are also, on different buildings, heraldry-like, but blank, shields.  (To my mind, these are crying out for some sort of real heraldry to be placed on them!  However, lacking a long ladder, carving tools and/or spray paint, and the courage to no doubt break a number of German laws, I was not about to attempt to rectify that situation myself.)

Still, don't you wish that someone would create some heraldry on those blank shields?

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