Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I've Been Translated!

A guest post that I recently did for the Fine Legacy blog (http://finelegacy.com/blog/family-crest-21st-century-america/) about heraldry in 21sts Century America has been translated into German and posted today on the Pro Heraldica blog.  Pro Heraldica is a commercial heraldry and genealogy concern run by some very knowledgeable people based in Stuttgart, Germany (just a short drive from the city where my great-grandfather was born, Heidelberg).  I can't tell if I sound better in German or not.  (Of course, I'm just thrilled that they felt my post was interesting enough to republish!)  Feel free to make up you own mind by taking a look at my guest post at http://pro-heraldica.de/blog/wappen-in-den-usa-im-21sten-jahrhundert/


  1. I guess that means I've been translated as well. I'm glad you found something I wrote noteworthy.

  2. Indeed, Benjamin. I've long thought that your statement was a great summary for why to have a coat of arms.