Monday, January 30, 2012

Mail Order Heraldry, Part 3

Continuing our review of the most recent Design Toscano catalog, we find a stained glass panel with the arms of France Modern (, Azure three fleurs-de-lis or.

On another page, they offer a “White Eagle Stained Glass Window” panel, which they state is “[b]ased upon the historic coat of arms of Poland” (

For myself, I generally dislike armorial products which are “based on” something else almost as much as I dislike movies which are “based on” a book or story.  I find that, in many cases, the product often bears a minimal relationship to the item it is “based on.”  Here, though, except for the fact that the eagle’s head is facing the wrong way (it should be looking to the viewer’s left, not its own left) it does match the real arms of Poland pretty well.

Ah, if only I had more windows here at home in which to hang more heraldic stained glass.

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