Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mutual Admiration

Our friend, Xavi Garcia, who has his own blog, Dibujo Heráldico, that I have talked about before here (and which has a link in the left-hand column under Other Blogs of Heraldic Interest), has recently posted about this blog, and included his rendition of my personal coat of arms (one version of which I showed you in my post of December 31, 2011).  Señor Garcia's drawing of my arms is presented here, with his kind permission.

It's always of interest to seen someone's interpretation of a coat of arms.  Indeed, I know of several individuals who commission drawings of their arms from as many different heraldic artists as they can, just to see the different treatments.  I can't quite afford to go quite that far yet, but as I said, it's always interesting to see how different artists individualize a coat of arms in their personal style.

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