Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mail Order Heraldry, Part 2

Continuing our perusal of the most recent Design Toscano catalog, we find a pair of shields of real heraldry, though one is misnamed.
These are the France and “William of Normandy” Wall Shields (  The second is, of course, misidentified, because there was more than one Duke of Normandy, and not all of those Dukes were named William.  So that shield is not truly the arms of only “William of Normandy,” but rather of “Normandy.” Still, if I thought I had a good place to display them in my home, I'd certainly be tempted to get them, no matter what they are named.

Another shield of nearly real arms appearing in this catalog is one that I have already discussed almost a year ago on this blog in my post of February 25, 2011 (  This design is called “Queen Victoria’s Royal Coat of Arms Shield Sculpture,” but the arms are not entirely accurate, as noted in that earlier post.

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