Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mail Order Heraldry, Part 4

Finishing up our trip through the pages of the latest catalog from Design Toscano, we find the following tapestries containing heraldry as a major design element:

Above, the Portieve du Char Wall Tapestry ( with the arms of France and Navarre.

Here we have Le Toucher Tapestry (Touch, one of a set of six late 15th Century Flemish tapestries known as The Lady and the Unicorn) (, with the arms of Jean Le Viste, a subject of King Charles VII.
The Terra Nova I Wall Tapestry ( has as its main element a version of the arms of Sweden (an earlier version than the current one, which has an inescutcheon, a small central shield, of the arms of Vasa impaled with those of Bernadotte).
The text for the Terra Nova II Wall Tapestry ( talks about “[s]killed weavers exquisitely punctuated each detail on this historical replica tapestry, from the iconic crown and flags to the historic coat of arms.”  The arms, of course, are those of the Stuart Kings of England, along with their “iconic crown” and flags of St. George and St. Andrew.

And finally, we find the “Napoleon Tapestry” (, with the arms (and bees) of the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.  This tapestry is copied from “the only surviving tapestry of a series of six designed by Louis de La Hamayde de Saint-Agne for the Emperor’s official study.”

No doubt about it -- I've got to get me a bigger house.

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