Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"These Are Just Two ...

... of my favorite things."  (With aplogies to The Sound of Music.)

It's always fun when I can combine, or even see someone else combine, two of my favorite things.  In this specific instance, heraldry and ... chocolate.

The Chocolate Priestess, over on her blog The Chocolate Cult, had a recent (October 10) post (http://thechocolatecult.blogspot.com/2010/10/celebrate-fiji-day-with-chocolate.html) discussing the celebration of Fiji Day, when the Fijians celebrate their independence from Great Britain.  And what does that have to do with heraldry, you ask?  As well you should.

Fiji's coat of arms has an English lion (albeit crowned here) on the chief, but in this case it's holding a cocoa pod, one of the main exports of the Fiji Islands.

I love heraldry, and I love chocolate, and I especially love it when those two separate loves overlap!

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