Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hollywood Cemetery, Part 7

This next bit of heraldry is not technically “in” Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond. It was in the rear windshield of a car which was in the parking lot there.
The arms are those of the University of Richmond, Checky argent and gules. Officially, the University’s logo, as they call the shield, also contains “On a chief argent, the words ‘University of’ and ‘Richmond’ azure.”

The University is located six miles from downtown Richmond. It is a liberal arts university which was founded in 1830. Its website, on which its arms appear to have been used sparingly, usually just one small image on each webpage (except in its Trademarks and Logos Style Guide), can be found at

Still, it’s a distinctive, clear, and easily identifiable coat of arms, err, pardon me, “logo.” But isn’t that much of the purpose of heraldry? To be distinctive, clear, and easily identifiable?


  1. What a fabulous blog!

    I've not been to blogs often and never understood how to make them work. Keep it up. I love it.


  2. Hi, Gary! Thanks for the kind words. If you'll look back, waaayyy back, to one of my very first posts, I talk about how it took me a long time to decide to do a weblog, and that I only took it on when I felt that I could post at least twice a week, so that there would always be something new and, I hope, interesting for people dropping by to read.