Thursday, July 1, 2010

Personal Heraldry in the Jamestown Church, Part 2

Another monument in the church at Jamestown commemorates the memory of Captain Edward Maria Wingfield, and displays his arms in color.
“Born about 1560, Son of Thomas Maria Wingfield, M.P., of Huntingdonshire, and Grandson of Sir Richard Wingfield, K.G., of Kimbolton Castle. … But his name is forever identified with this Hallowed Place, Jamestown, a Site which he selected, where English Civilization was First Established on American Soil. … The Only Grantee in the Virginia Charter of 1606 who accompanied the First Settlers to these Shores. First President of the Council of Virginia. … Author in 1608 of “A Discourse of Virginia.” … Died at Stonely Priory, Huntingdonshire, England, after 1613.”

He’s got his own entry on the “Virtual Jamestown” website, along with a modern armorial portrait, at

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