Friday, July 23, 2010

Oh, Dear.

I had the, umm, luck to run across a website the other day called, with the tag line, "Enable the noble you!"  The URL is, unsurprisingly,

To quote their main page, " offers you to freely and easily design your own meaningful, unique Blazon and coat of arms!"  I thought, I've already got my own unique coat of arms, but what the heck, I'll try it.  They want to to select three "qualities" (e.g., courage, liberality, purity, strength, wisdom) from a list, and then include your first and last name and, if you like, your "lucky number".  Do all that, and the site will create for you a coat of arms.  (I'm assuming that they are choosing tinctures and charges based on those qualities.)

So I did all that, and was presented with the blazon: Per chevron embattled Vert and Argent in chief senester a dolphin haurient of the same barbed Or holding a fish in base four antelopes salient reguardant Sable horned hoofed Gules and the following emblazon:

Well, I must say, it probably really is "unique".  Can't say as I care for it all that much, especially not in preference to my own long-researched and better balanced arms, Argent two chevronels azure between three apples gules slipped and leaved proper.

I can't really recommend the site for anyone with a serious interest in heraldry, but if you've got a couple of minutes and are a bit curious, feel free to drop on by and give it a trial.  It doesn't cost anything, and nobody's saying that you actually have to adopt the arms that they come up with for you.


  1. You totally missed out on the chain mail hightops on the third page! I also got my blazon and it has cherubs riding dolphins. :D

    Per chevron flory Or and Gules in chief dexter a lion double queued Vert in base four dolphins naiant Argent finned Or barbed crested queued of the same with a cherub riding proper.

  2. I got this, and it breaks tincture. But the majority of it is purpure, so I really can't argue with it.

    Per chevron invected Purpure and Azur in chief senester a laurel wreath Argent in base four laurel wreatsh proper.

    Typos, too. Hmm. Must go back and shuffle values around and see what happens.

  3. While there may be some folks who will tell you that "Per chevron invected purpure and azure" breaks the rule of tincture, I think there are sufficient examples of divided fields of two colors like this to demonstrate that the rule really applies more to charges placed on the field. Not that I think that purple and blue are a particularly good color combination; I suspect that at any distance the complex line of division gets a little "muddied". But I don't believe that it breaks the rule of tincture/rule of contrast.