Monday, January 23, 2023

The Arms of King's College (Ancient and Modern) and of Eton College

And, of course, as we also saw in other places in and about King's College, Cambridge, we also find the arms of King's College (both Ancient - before 1448 - and Modern - after 1448) and of Eton College in differing locations and media in King's College Chapel. (We've discussed the relationship of King's College and Eton College in an earlier post.)

First up, the Ancient arms of King's College, near the bottom in this stained glass window:

These older arms are very similar to those of Eton College, but the bottommost lily is replaced by a golden bishop's mitre.

And then, of course, the arms of King's College used since 1448:

And the arms of Eton College (also seen on the image of the Chapel's organ, above):

You have to love a building with this much heraldry in it, don't you? I know that I do!

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