Thursday, January 19, 2023

Royal Badges in King's College Chapel

As it was with the exterior walls, main entrance, and around the courtyard of King's College, Cambridge, the interior of the Chapel there also bears many images of Royal, especially Royal Tudor, badges.

In addition to several examples of white (Yorkist) roses and red (Lancastrian) roses that you may see here, the red-and-white hybrid Tudor rose:

That ceiling is really something, isn't it? It was awe-inspiring just to be standing there looking up at it!

The fleur-de-lys, sometimes crowned. In this window, on the right in the fourth tier from the top:

The Beaufort portcullis:

And finally, In the lozenge to the left in the fourth tier (the same as the crowned fleur-de-lis), Ann Boleyn's crowned falcon holding a scepter badge:

Once again, an amazing, and amazingly diverse, display of Royal badges.

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