Monday, January 24, 2022

Ship "Heraldry" at Helsingør

Imagine that! Seeing some maritime, well, not "heraldry" exactly, but a heraldic-adjacent house flag on a ship in the port of Helsingør.

Here at the bow of the merchant ship Silve you can see flying from the foremast both the Danish national flag, the Dannebrog, as well as the house flag of the shipping company.

Fortunately for me, and thus for you, the website Flags of the World ( has a section where you can look up the flags of merchant shipping companies by country, and - taking a wild, guess that this company was based in Denmark - I was able to find this flag.

It is the house flag of Echoship ApS, and it is a nice, simple, and fairly heraldic design.

There was also some additional information about the company itself:

Echoship ApS is a Danish shipping company established at Svendborg, on the island of Funen in southwestern Denmark. Their homepage - in English - showing the house flag as a drawing and as a table flag is at Founded in 1990, the firm is active in complete management of coasters (in Europe), currently 26 in number, and freight brokerage (globally). Sawn timber, it is stated, is the most important bulk transported; then there are grains, fertilizers, steel products, etc.

The house flag is white with a thin blue border; in the center is a blue logo made up of four horizontal rows of stacked timber above three stylized waves. (If you click on the image immediately above, you will go to a larger, more detailed photograph where you can see the details much better. By looking at an enlarged image, I was able to understand the significance of the upper part of the design, which really does look like stacked timbers.)

The flag of Echoship ApS is very close to that of Nielsen Chartering A/S [white flag bordered blue; in bottom two engrailed stripes; a lot of rectangles, all blue] also of the town of Svendborg. Echoship is the continuation of Nielsen Chartering.

And wasn't that all very neat to see while walking along the wharfside, and to learn about later?

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