Thursday, January 27, 2022

The Arms of Denmark in the M/S Maritime Museum in Helsingør

The port of Helsingør is also home to the Danish National Maritime Museum, a place well worth the visit when you go there, even if you are not as big a fan of all things ships as I am. (What can I say? I'm a historian, so I love it all!) And as a bonus, they have a very nice café there where you can refresh yourself before, during, or following a tour of their many exhibits.

Anyway, in amongst the many items that they have on display there, some of the coolest, to me at least, are a few old wooden ship's figureheads.

But, of course, this blog is about heraldry, so we're going to limit ourselves to the one that sported a coat of arms, one which you will probably recognize from its appearance a number of time in recent posts here.

Isn't she great? (Alas, I neglected to look for the name of the ship this figurehead came from. Sorry about that!)

Naturally, what drew me especially to this particular figurehead was the shield by her side.

These are, of course, the lesser arms of Denmark, though the lions here appear to be running, in heraldry, courant, rather than walking, or passant. Still, no one would mistake these arms, with the three blue lions amongst the nine red hearts, for any other entity.

What a neat find to run across!

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