Monday, January 17, 2022

On Our Way to Visit "Hamlet's Castle"

And now, off to our final stop(s) of our trip to Denmark. This day we took the train from Copenhagen up to Helsingør, which you may recognize as the Elsinore of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Now, Helsingør is not the castle; that would be Kronborg Castle. No, Helsingør is the port and town, and we visited more than just the castle while we were there. But more on that in later posts.

For now, I'd just like to share one of the waterfront displays with which we were greeted on our way from the train to the castle.

You'll probably want to click on the image above to go to a full-size photograph, so that you can get all of the details of the ten (count 'em! ten!) pennants flying in the brisk sea breeze there.

They are, of course, not strictly heraldry, but they are pennant forms of national flags.

Take a look at the larger photo; can you identify all of the countries? (I'll put my identifications of these pennants further below, but try your hand first before seeing if your identifications match mine.)

As you can tell, it was both gray and windy that day, for most of the day. Indeed, my wife avowed as how she could see why Prince Hamlet seemed so depressed throughout the play, if that day's conditions were indicative of the weather generally in Helsingør.

Anyway, that said, here are my identifications for these national flag pennants, all from countries in and around the Baltic Sea, North Sea, and far North Atlantic Ocean.

From left to right, they are:

 1. Denmark
 2. Sweden
 3. Norway
 4. Iceland
 5. Finland
 6. Greenland
 7. Faroe Islands
 8. Germany
 9. The Netherlands
10. Poland

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