Monday, August 9, 2021

Danish Heraldry from the 1950s to the 2010s

Continuing our review of the heraldry of some of the members of the Order of the Dannebrog, all to be found in Frederiksborg Castle, we find these painted plaques, over a span of some sixty years.

As always, please click on an image to see a larger, more detailed photograph of these plaques and arms. And, as ever, the blazons are my own, and may not match exactly with any official blazons.

Eigil Hilmar Wolff (1914-1983, inducted into the Order in 1976), a Danish military officer and Chief of NATO Defense College in Rome 1973-75, Azure a demi-wolf argent; Erling E. Kristiansen (inducted in 1977), Danish Ministry of Labor official, Per fess: Argent a swallow sable legged or the top of its head gules; Azure a scroll bendwise argent sealed gules between a tierce gules charged with a cross throughout argent and a sinister tierce gules charged with a pale argent; and Theodor Frederik Gjerulff (inducted in 1976), Per bend argent a gules a bend or between a lattice vert and a wolf courant argent, both bendwise.

Uffe Ellemann Jensen (born 1941, inducted in 2002), Minister for Foreign Affairs, Or a gillyflower and in base a bar engrailed of two points azure; and Poul Hartling (1914-2000, inducted in 1977), Prim Minister of Denmark 1973-75, Azure a Latin cross argent issuant from a heart or.

Mom Luang Dej Snidvongs (1898-1975, inducted in 1958), Minister of Economic Affairs of Thailand, Governor of the Bank of Thailand, and President of the (Thai) Privy Council, A non-heraldic design, though based on a fleur-de-lis; Armas Yöntilä (1892-1979, inducted in 1958), Finnish diplomat, Azure three aspen [birch?] leaves in pall stems to center argent; and Jacques Hermann (inducted in 2001), Azure an oak leaf argent.

 Christian Hvidt (born 1942, inducted in 2001), Danish Chief of Defense 1996-2002, Gules a Latin cross paty argent on a chief azure fimbriated three barrulets argent; and Ove Ullerup (inducted in 2012), Ambassador and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Per chevron ployé or and gules two lion’s heads azure langued gules and a globe between two branches of laurel conjoined in base argent.

Charles Marie Jean Michel Andre de Monpezat, Count of Laborde (1907-1998, inducted in 1967), Gules a lion rampant and in chief three mullets or; and his wife, Renée-Yvonne (Renée) Doursenot, Countess de La Borde (1908-2001, inducted in 1992), Gules a lion rampant and in chief three mullets, on a chief or a bear sejant erect sable between two roses or.

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