Monday, August 23, 2021

Back to the 18th Century!

Forging ahead on our review of many of the armorial plaques of the Order of the Dannebrog displayed in Frederiksborg Castle, we "return ... to those thrilling days of yesteryear" (as the introduction to the old Lone Ranger television series put it, and look at a few more arms from members of the Order inducted in the 18th Century.

Beginning with the plaque at the the top left and then moving to the right, and then down to the left, and so on, we find the following coats of arms.

As always, please click on the image above to see a larger and more detailed photo of these plaques.

Lawrence de Boysset (1633-1728, inducted in inducted in 1717), a French-born Danish military officer and landowner: Or a tree proper on a chief azure two fleurs-de-lis or.

Conrad Detlev, Count of Reventlow (1704-1750, inducted in inducted in 1728) Quarterly: 1, Azure three birds [sparrows?] argent; 2, Per pale argent and gules; 3, Argent a double-headed eagle displayed sable crowned or; and 4, Azure on a bend argent three roses gules; overall an inescutcheon surmounted by a coronet or, Gules masoned sable a chief embattled argent [possibly; Per fess embattled argent and gules masoned sable]. He married, 1731, Wilhelmina Augusta (1704–1749), daughter of Prince Christian Charles of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Plön-Norburg.

Joachim von Pritzbuer (1665-1719, inducted in inducted in 1712), Danish budget councilor: Argent a decapitated double-headed eagle displayed sable legged or the severed necks spewing gouttes gules. [Okay, am I the only one a little disturbed by this one?].

Magnus Kragh (inducted in inducted in 1721) Argent three birds (inducted in ravens? blackbirds?) sable. (I’m guessing that all of the Magnus Kraghs I am finding on Facebook YouTube, and Spotify are not this Magnus Kragh).

Christian Møinichen (1683-1749, inducted in inducted in 1727), Chief Secretary of the Danish Chancellery: Or a blonde monk’s head proper (canting arms).

Christian Wedel, Count of Wedellsborg (inducted in 1727), Quarterly: 1 and 4, Or a cannon barrel sable [proper?] crowned or; 2 and 3, Gules a lion rampant or; overall on a roundel per pale gules and sable a man’s head and torso proper vested and hatted per pale sable and gules, a bordure compony gules and sable. [That’s weird, right? Yeah, that’s not exactly how it should look. Below is a better image pulled from of what it should be.] I’m not certain who this specific individual is, unless it is Christian Gustav Wedell-Wedellsborg (1701-1759), but he would have been very young (only 26) to have been inducted into the Order in 1727.)

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