Monday, August 31, 2020

More Civic Arms

Are you getting tired of all of these armorial stained glass windows yet? Never fear, we are nearing the end, and can then move on to other heraldry (e.g., some of the painted arms on the walls and fixtures of the Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp). But for now ...

Here we have two windows, neither of which has a lot of heraldry in it, but the four coats of arms that do appear there are civic coats. Three of them we have seen already, two of them many times in our heraldic tour of Antwerp, because they are the arms of the city.

For our first one, we see:

Right there in the center, between the two coats which consist of merchant marks, is the coat of arms of the City of Antwerp.

And in our next window, we find:

Here, in the center we have the arms of the Duchy of Brabant, flanked on the left by the arms of the City of Antwerp, and on the right by arms we have not yet seen in Antwerp, those of Brugge (Bruges), Belgium.

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