Monday, February 3, 2020

The Quartered Arms of Counts of Württemberg

In the same hall in the Old Castle in Stuttgart with the other carved figures of various Counts of Württemberg that we looked at last time, there were two more, but these had quartered arms on them.

The oldest of these (based on the dates carved into the explanatory text) are those of Henry, Count (Comes) of Württemberg, dated 1480.

As you can see, we have the arms of Württemberg in the first and fourth quarters (Or three stag's attires fesswise in pale sable). The second and third quarters have the arms of Mömpelgard (Gules two fishes haurient embowed addorsed or).

The other display with the quartered arms of Württemberg and Mömpelgard was another (I think) Henry, Count of Württemberg, dated 1519.

Cool, huh? Wait till you see what's coming up next, when the arms start getting a lot more complex!

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