Thursday, January 30, 2020

Various Depictions of the Arms of the Counts of Württemberg

In the Altes Schloss (the Old Castle) in Stuttgart, Germany, there is this wonderful room lined on two sides with the carved figures of some of the old Counts and Dukes of Württemberg.

Above each is a shield, helm, and crest of Württemberg (Or three stag's attires fesswise in pale sable, with the crest A hunting horn).

They are, in as close to chronological order (I suspect the dates given on the inscriptions are death dates; at least one panel says vita defunctus est, or "died") as I can get them:

Ulrich, Count (Comes) of Württemberg, 1265.

Ulrich, Count of Württemberg, 1315.

Eberhard, Count of Württemberg, 1325.

Ulrich, Count of Württemberg, 1344.

Ulrich, Count of Württemberg, 1366.

Eberhard, Count of Württemberg, 1417.

Eberhard, Count of Württemberg, 1419.

Ulrich, Count of Württemberg, 1488.


Eberhard, Count of Württemberg, 1492.

These are the ones with the plain arms of Württemberg on them. Next time, we'll see how the Württemberg arms were quartered with the arms of Mömpelgard, and following that, we will really ramp things up, quarter-wise.

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