Monday, February 10, 2020

Depictions of Some of the Dukes of Württemberg and Their Arms

In the courtyard of the Old Castle in Stuttgart there is a bronze equestrian figure of Eberhard I, Duke of Württemberg.

He himself carries no shield displaying the arms of the Duchy, but his horse trappings do after a fashion.

As you can see, right behind his saddle on each side are a shield with the arms of Württemberg, Or three stag’s attires fesswise in pale sable. Accompanying it on the horse's right side is a shield with the arms of Mömpelgard, Gules two fishes haurient embowed addorsed or; on the horse's right side the accompanying arms are those of Teck, , Lozengy bendwise or and sable.

Inside the Castle are paintings of some of the Dukes of Württemberg:

Eberhard I (1445-1496), the same fellow in armor above, here bearing the Imperial Banner:

Ulrich (1487-1550). His volatile personality made him infamous, being called the "Swabian Henry VIII" by historians:

And Ludwig III (1554-1593):

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