Thursday, February 13, 2020

A Final Display of the Arms of the Duchy of Württemberg

Nearby, in central Stuttgart, Germany, we ran across an armorial plaque commemorating the 350th anniversary of an event.

Am 16 Mai 1534 wurde in der stuttgarter stiftskirche die erste evangelische predigt gehalten. Damit began die reformation im herzogtum Württemberg, die zur bildung der evangelischen landeskirche in Württemberg. Führte 16 May 1984 Verbum Domini manet in aeternum.

On 16 May 1534, the first Evangelical sermon was delivered in the Stuttgart (stifts?)church. With this began the reformation in the Duchy of Württemberg, which was used for the formation of the Protestant state church in Württemberg. Erected 16 May 1984. The word of God remains forever.

Accompanying the text is the coat of arms of the Duchy of Württemberg in use from 1495 to about 1700:

Once again (so you don't have to go back to a different post to get it), the arms are blazoned: Quarterly: 1, Or three stag’s attires fesswise in pale sable (Württemberg); 2, Lozengy bendwise [in some examples, bendwise sinister] or and sable (Teck); 3, Azure(?) a flagstaff bendwise gules steeled argent flying a pennon or charged with an eagle displayed sable (the Banneramt, the office of the Imperial banner); and 4, Gules two fishes haurient embowed addorsed or (Mömpelgard).


  1. stiftskirche: in Spanish is a colegiata = like a cathedral; it has a cabildo but without a bishop, the head of the cabildo and the colegiata is a dean