Sunday, February 23, 2020

A New Book of Heraldry

I just received notice of the publication of a new book of heraldry, done by my friend Dr. Paul A. Fox.

It is entitled Great Cloister: A Lost Canterbury Tale, subtitled A History of the Canterbury Cloister, Constructed 1408-14, with Some Account of the Donors and their Coats of Arms, and is the culmination of a lot of work on Dr. Fox's part in photographing and identifying all of the coats of arms on the ceiling of the Cloister at Canterbury Cathedral.

Some of his work on the Cloisters and their heraldry can be found on-line on his website at

But now it's all available in this new book, described on the publisher's website as:

It is the first comprehensive and complete study of this monument ever undertaken, and it provides a detailed chronology as well as many new insights into the families who were donors. The monument is revealed to have been the personal project of Archbishop Thomas Arundel (d.1414), an individual closely connected with the overthrow of King Richard II. The work as a whole provides considerable insights into the revolution of 1399 and the troubled reign of Henry IV as seen through the lens of individual families.

Anyway, if you are interested in obtaining a copy of this book, either in hard copy (for £65) or as a .pdf e-book (for £16), you can order it (as I am about to do) from Archaeopress at

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