Monday, December 9, 2019

The Buffs, Again.

The next armorial memorial we came to in Canterbury Cathedral was one to the “Officer, N.C.Os and Privates of the 1st Battalion, the Buffs (East Kent Regiment) … killed in action or died of wounds and disease, from 1895 to 1898, during … the Chitral and Punjab Frontier Campaigns.”

I recommend clicking on the image here to see a larger picture of the memorial, where the names of the men can be seen more clearly.

The ornately carved stone memorial does have (just to the right of center) a shield that contains an altered version of the arms of the County of Kent (a rearing white horse, though the shield is left uncolored and the motto Invicta is placed on the shield rather than being placed under it), the main bit of heraldry on it is the badge of the Buffs, A dragon passant vert (bellied argent and wings marked gules).

Beneath the dragon is the motto of the Regiment, Veteri frondescit honore (Its ancient honor flourishes, or Its ancient honor is ever-green), all placed within a laurel wreath superimposed in base with a scroll bearing the words "The Buffs".

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