Thursday, August 24, 2017

Craufurd and Howison Arms in Craufurdland Castle

On our way to the library (with the armorial silver basin and ewer set) we passed a couple of old chairs with embroidered heraldry upon them.

And no, I didn't even attempt to sit on them! I did, however, take some close-ups of the heraldry on them.

Each one contains the quartered arms of Craufurd (in the first and fourth quarters) and Howison (in the second and third quarters), with the crest and motto of each family (see my previous posts for the blazons and mottos).

I always find it interesting, and often educational, to compare the depictions of arms by different artists, as we can here.

And finally, there was this:

A flag with the quartered arms.

You will notice that the quarters are reversed here, with Howison in the first and fourth quarters and Craufurd in the second and third. That's because we are looking at the back side of the flag. While the lettering of the mottos is correct, I believe that for the rest the artist simply followed the patterns he could see from the obverse rather than placing the quarters in their expected places. (You might notice too that the couped hand crest of the Howisons is painted here as a sinister hand rather than a dexter one; again, the reverse of what it should be.)

We were told that this side of the flag is displayed because the front side is much more deteriorated than this side is.


  1. Every time I see the Howison arms I think 'Douglas'.

    1. That is always my first impression, as well. It's always, "Oh, Douglas. No, wait ..."