Monday, September 26, 2016

Three Different Renditions of a Coat of Arms

We found these three different renditions of the same coat of arms in different places during our travels about the City of Glasgow:

These are all depictions of the arms of the County of Lanark, or Lanarkshire, which were granted to the County on December 24, 1886.

They are blazoned in Balfour Paul's Ordinary of Arms as: Parted per chevron gules and argent two cinquefoils pierced in chief and a man's heart in base counter-changed. The crest is A demi-eagle displayed with two heads sable beaked gules. The motto, Vigilantia, means "vigilance." (Tying in very well with the two-headed eagle, which can watch both coming and going!)

The cinquefoils are taken from the arms of Hamilton, one of the County's prominent families, and the heart is taken from another important family, Douglas.

So the arms have a lot of meaning for the County, and are of a classic simplicity.

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