Thursday, January 10, 2013

Heraldry in Maastricht, Part Nineteen

So in this next to last post about the heraldry in Maastricht, I know this should come as no surprise to you, but they seem to drink a lot of beer in the Low Countries.  And, as a consequence, they advertise a lot of beer in the Low Countries.  And, a bunch of this advertising appears on beer coasters.

What follows is a selection of armorial beer coasters I ran across in the many restaurants in Maastricht at which we ate.  (Have I mentioned before that, given the number of restaurants in the city, I think their town motto must be the Latin for "You ain't gonna starve here"?  Or perhaps, "If you starve here, it's your own fault.")

(Hey, I didn't say they were all really good heraldry!)

And finally, the following are both sides of the coasters they used for the Congress reception at the Stadhuis; each side has a depiction of the arms of the city of Maastricht ("gemeente" on the reverse translates literally as "commune," but a more accurate translation into English of "Gemeente Maastricht" would probably be "Community of Maastricht"); the reverse has a relatively minimalist interpretation of the angel supporter holding the arms, while the obverse is a larger version of the shield with the angel's hands holding it.

Whew, I'm parched.  Anyone up for a ... Dr. Pepper?

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