Thursday, May 5, 2011

Speaking of Web Searching ...

And speaking of web searching for heraldry on the internet (as I did in my last post), I ran across a page where a search had been run for "coat of arms free pdf files", whose results can be found at:

The search produced an interesting mix of such documents.  Among others are: the new (1996) coat of arms of Sydney, Australia (along with illustrations of the "old" arms); the arms of the University of Queensland (also Australia); the arms of the Christchurch, England local authority; and the arms of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in London, among others.

I haven't had the time yet to read through all of the documents linked there, but many of them give a bit of the history of the arms and the reasons for the various charges, drawings or pictures of the arms (some include a photograph of the original grant of arms), and so on.  If you've got a few minutes of free time and want to learn something new, I recommend clicking the link above and seeing what you might find of interest there.

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