Monday, May 16, 2011

Some Heraldry Found in Dallas, Part 1 of 4

[I'm not sure what happened with the scheduled uploading of this post.  It should have been posted on Thursday, May 12, but apparently wasn't.  I apologize for this first in a series of four posts being out of order.]

So we were out driving around a little a few Saturdays ago, checking out a couple of estate sales in Dallas, just to see what we might find. (Jo Ann cleaned up! She found a whole bunch of fabric samples that she picked up for a really good price. As a textile artist, it pretty much made the day for her.) On our way we decided to see if we could relocate a building salvage yard where we’d bought our backyard birdbath about ten years ago. We didn’t find the yard, but – as I have often noted here before – you can find heraldry everywhere! And we did.

The first “coat of arms” that we ran across was one down in an industrial district. Sitting out front of their building was a truck with the following painted on its sides.

They had the same logo on the front of their building there. And, obviously, we had to stop long enough to take a photo to share with you.

It’s not the greatest heraldry, but it’s better than many examples of self-designed corporate heraldry I’ve seen.

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