Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Military Heraldry in the News!

Oh, my.

The German news station N24, in reporting on the story that U.S. Navy Seal Team VI had flown into Pakistan and killed Osama bin Ladin, in putting up something for their viewers to see (TV being a visual medium, after all), accidentally put up a unit badge from the fictional world of Star Trek instead of the real thing.

The badge of the "Maquis Special Operations Seals Team VI" above is clearly based on the insignia of the U.S. Navy Seal Team VI, below, but has a lot of differences that should have triggered a double-check somewhere before being aired.  For example, the Klingon-type skull surrounded by three bat'leths (two-handed Klingon weapons), or the Federation-model phaser pistol being held by the eagle.

Ah, well.  Another real-life demonstration of the reasons why heraldry should be clear and distinct.  You don't want your Star Trek fans going to a convention being mistaken for a crack military unit on a mission.  Or vice versa.

The story, with more pictures, can be found on-line at:


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