Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Spy With My Little (Camera's) Eye ...

My wife Jo has been posting on her blog, Appleton Studios: Travel Log and Art Notes, about our recent trip to Germany (to attend the 2010 International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences) and Italy (playing tourist in Florence for a few days).  For the most part, she's been concentrating on the people and the art that we've seen, leaving most of the heraldry to me.  And I'll get to it, really I will.  (Not all of it, by any means; theres way, way too much.  And I want to save at least some of it for a book I'd like to do next year, about the heraldry on the exterior of the Santa Maria Novella.  But some.)

However, in her post of November 10, 2010, at, you can see a picture of the "master" at work, taking yet another photograph of yet another coat of arms on the side of a building.  (Hmm, looks like I could stand to lose some more weight.  I thought sure I would have walked off all those Florentine pizzas I ate while we were there.  Must have been all that stopping and photographing that she speaks of in her post: "... it took forever to go one block."  And that was only one of many.)

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