Friday, February 20, 2009

Heraldry, Vexillology, and ... Sumo Wrestling?

An article in The Japan Times of February 20, 2009 ( has a great photograph by Mark Buckton of part of the ring-entering ceremony where the sumo wrestlers all stand in the circle, each wearing his patron’s (I assume) mon. In the circle and the photograph is makunouchi wrestler Kokkai, who is from Georgia (the one in Asia, not the one in North America). He is wearing the national flag of Georgia. (I have no idea where the gold eagle behind the flag comes from. The arms of Georgia are St. George on horseback killing the dragon, with golden lions supporting the shield. Nary an eagle in sight there.)

What a great use, and display, of heraldry and vexillology (flags), though! Oh, yeah, and really big sumo wrestlers.

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