Friday, February 6, 2009

College of Arms Fire: Updated Articles

I haven't been able to find much more than general articles about the fire. The biggest concern, after the possible damage to the builing itself, is of course the records held by some of the heralds whose offices are in that wing. (The library and main collections of the College are housed in the main wing.) And though the fire damage appears not to be too extensive, the amount of water the fire brigades were using to put the fire out is, of course, a concern. How much water damage may have been caused to the fabric of the building itself, and how much to the records in the offices in that wing? I'll keep watching for further news, and post links here as I can find out more.

And then (in the interest of completeness) there is the following, a parody "news" story about the fire at the CoA:

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