Monday, November 7, 2022

Updated Again!

You know the old line that I use a lot, that "You can find heraldry everywhere"?

Well, it turned out - slightly modified - to be true once again.

This time, I had to modify it slightly to read: "You can find American heraldry* everywhere!"

I recently purchased the two volumes of the Svenskt Vapenregister, a collection of the coats of arms registered in the Swedish Register of Arms by the Swedish Collegium of Arms, in conjunction with the Swedish National Committee for Genealogy and Heraldry and the Swedish Heraldry Society.

There are 200 such registered arms in Volume 1 of this set, and the next 200 in Volume 2. (New volumes will be produced as more arms are registered.) The Register only registers coats of arms for Swedish citizens, persons living in Sweden, and Swedish companies and other entities.

Anyway, in perusing these two books, I noticed that they include the place where the person lives, whether a city in Sweden, or a Swedish citizen living in another country (e.g., France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, etc.). And, surprisingly (at least to me!), several coats were registered to individuals living in the United States.

So of course I had to include these new arms (well, one coat had also been registered by the United States Heraldic Registry, and so was already in the collection) in my American Heraldry Collection. So those arms have been added to the Excel spreadsheet, and the sources, both Volume 1 and Volume 1, were added to the explanatory Word document along with its Bibliography and Key to Source Abbreviations.

This newly-updated American Heraldry Collection can be downloaded as a .zip file from my website at, or from the link to the American Heraldry Collection in the left-hand column of this blog under the heading "Some Articles I've Written".

And, of course, we will have further updates as the next few issues of the NEHG Register, containing the 11th part of the Roll of Arms of the Committee on Heraldry of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, are published. When that happens, and those updates are included, I will let you know here.

Until then, enjoy these Swedish registrations of heraldry to some residents in the United States.

* Or, at least, heraldry used by Americans.

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