Monday, October 11, 2021

Heraldry in Frederiksborg Castle: Tablecloths, Part 1 (or, More Ideas for _Your_ Home!)

At the time we visited Frederiksborg Castle in Denmark, there was an exhibition of three embroidered armorial tablecloths, all dated to 1650 and 1652.

The first of these tablecloths was explained by a nearby sign as:

Miss Anna Katharina Krag's tablecloth from 1652

The tablecloth is made of green taffeta with blue canvas pad, embroidered with many colors of silk. In a round center field with flower wreaths are the coats of arms of the families Krag and Høeg, as well as "Miss Anna Catarina Krag Anno 1652”. In the surrounding large square field are embroidered flowers, in the corners fruits and parrots. The edges are provided with flowers and leaf motifs. The coats of arms point to Anna Catharina Krag's (1616-87) parents Niels Krag (1574-1650) and Jytte Høeg (1589-1659).

Anna Catharina Krag died childless, and it is believed that this tablecloth passed down to her brother's son Niels Krag (1653-1713). He was married to Sophie Juel (1703-22), who presumably left the tablecloth for Roskilde's noble Jomfrukloster (Virgin Monastery).
Given the date of the tablecloth (1652), it may very well be that she did this in memory of her father (who died in 1650).

In any event, as you can see from the photos below, she did a lot of work on this tablecloth! (I recommend clicking on the images below to go to a larger and far more detailed photographs, so that you can really see some of the details!)

Now, doesn't this get your creative juices flowing? Can you see yourself doing something like this for your own home, with your own coat(s) of arms?

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