Thursday, May 27, 2021

How to (Armorially) Decorate a "Small City Home"

Continuing our "walkabout" in Copenhagen, we came across this little city home marked with a coat of arms.

The arms at the top, seen in better detail below, identify the (original) owner as Friedrich Ludwig von Dehn, Baron von Dehn.

Here again, noticing the collar of the Order of the Elephant surrounding the shield, I was able to find these arms and their attribution in the books of the Order, found on-line at De Kongelige Ridderordeners Våbenbøger (

Here is the specific entry from the book for Baron von Dehn:

Here we find not only personal information about Baron von Dehn, and the dates of his induction into the Order and his death date, but we now know the blazon of his arms: Or a [three-legged] cauldron sable and in chief three mullets reversed [or, inverted] argent.

Searching on-line for his name plus "house" took me to a Wikipedia entry on the Dehn Mansion discussing both the history and architecture of the building (

More searching for Friedrich Ludwig von Dehn found the following more specific information (at, such as that was a Danish diplomat, governor of the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein appointed by the Danish king, and holder of the Dannebrogden since 1739, the court order l'Union parfaite since 1751 and the Order of the Elephant since 1752. He was raised in 1750 to a Danish baron, and died in 1771.

On both wiki sites, for the mansion and for the man, there is a black and white portrait.

And there you have it! A lot of great historical information about this home and its owner, and also something to serve as inspiration for sprucing up the façade of your own "small city cottage" or large Rococo mansion. Put your coat of arms up there in stone not only to increase the resale value of your home, but also so that 350 years from now people will know that you once owned it!

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