Monday, January 20, 2020

Heraldry Alongside the Park in Stuttgart

On one side of the park across from our hotel in Stuttgart was a nicely impressive building with some coats of arms very well done in metalwork across its facade.

As you can see in the image above (and you can look at a larger image by clicking on it), there is a decorative metalwork balustrade across the building, consisting of panels which contain heraldry placed in roundels; the largest within a laurel wreath, and the two smaller ones within a sun or sunburst pattern.

The central panel contains the arms of Baden-Württemberg, Or three lions passant in pale sable, which we discussed in our last post.

The panel to the left (dexter) of this central panel has a different coat of arms ...

... the arms of Baden, Or a bend gules. (Notice that this depiction is even hatched correctly for gules!, Though I am not certain that it was done purposefully; it could just have been a good way to fill in the bend visually. Still, even if not intentional, it's a happy coincidence.)

And the panel to the right (sinister) has yet another coat of arms ...

... the Or three stag's attires fesswise in pale sable of Württemberg.

I always enjoy seeing the different media which may be used to depict a coat of arms. Here, we have three coats done in metalwork, all placed into a decorative whole. How cool is that?!

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