Thursday, January 23, 2020

Another Medium for a Display of Heraldry

Our post before last, on January 16, we looked at a metal sign with the arms of the State of Baden-Württemberg on it.

Today, we find these same arms, this time in full color, on a very large rectangular banner in the city of Stuttgart, Germany.

As before, the arms themselves are Or three lions passant in pale sable, the three lions harking back to the Dukes of Schwaben and the house of Staufen.

On top of the shield is placed a popular crown, on which the arms of former territories that now form the State of Baden-Württemberg are shown. From left to right (dexter to sinister) these are: Ost-Franken (Franconia), Hohenzollern, Baden, Württemberg, Kurpfalz, and Austria.

Here the arms are without their stag and griffin supporters.

It is a very eye-catching display of heraldry!

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