Monday, September 9, 2019

An Impressive Display of Heraldry

Continuing our tour of Canterbury Cathedral, we came into a space with a number of monuments and coats of arms, but it was looking up a little that truly caught my eye! A row of angels, each bearing a shield. (As always, you can click on an image to go to a larger version.)

From left to right, we have the arms of: Pinchyon/Pynchon (Per bend argent and sable three roundels within a bordure engrailed counterchanged); New College, Oxford (Argent two chevronels azure between three roses gules barbed and seeded proper); and See of St. David’s (Sable on a cross or five cinquefoils azure [the cinquefoils should be sable]). 

Continuing we find: the See of Canterbury (Azure a cross-staff or with its cross argent overall a pall argent charged with four crosses formy fitchy sable); and Archbishop Henry Chicheley (1414-1443), whose arms are also those of All Souls College, Oxford (Or a chevron between three cinquefoils gules).

Turning right around to face the other side, we see:

The same shields as above in reverse order (l-r: Chicheley/All Souls College, See of Canterbury, See of St. David’s, New College, and Pynchon).

And here they are in greater detail:

Impressive, right? I know I was impressed!

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