Thursday, June 20, 2019

More Heraldry(?) on Christ Church Gate, Canterbury

Moving on now to the upper row of painted coats of arms on the Christ Church Gate facade, each held by an angel, I have to admit that I am not even certain that they are actual heraldry. There are several where I cannot even identify what the charges on the shields are supposed to be, and I have been unable to identify anyone bearing any of them. So I am left with the question: "Are these heraldry, or are they just decoration?"

Nonetheless, there they are, painted on shield shapes, and so I include them here for your enlightenment, or at least, education. You can click on the images here to see a larger and therefore more detailed photograph of these arms.

As best I can make them out, we have here:

Azure, three dice (tincture?); something totally unidentifiable; and Gules twenty-five plates five, five, five, five, and five.

This next set is: (Argent?) a ladder gules; something within a bordure?; and three pallets? within a bordure?

For the next three, we have: Azure? an annulet of annulets (or is it a rosary?); Argent? a red framework of some kind; and Gules, with markings.

Finally, we find: Argent a coat (orange?); and Sable(?) two anointing spoons in saltire or?

They are certainly decorative; they are certainly interesting; but are they real heraldry?

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