Monday, March 18, 2019

A Little Commercial Heraldry, Part 3

Wandering, as I was wont to do, about the streets of Canterbury, England, I ran across another piece of quasi-heraldry which incorporated the white horse of Kent in a company's logo:

It was a sign for R. Durtnell & Sons Limited, Building Contractors.

It's not quite heraldic; the primary charge (the horse) carrying the banner ("Est. 1591") is almost more like a supporter to a coat of arms than a charge on such a coat, and the "base" is "color on color", but still, all in all it has a fairly heraldic "feel" to it.

Plus the fact that they are using the white horse of Kent is a clue to where they are established.

I still find it fascinating, all the ways today that people find to use heraldry or heraldry-like designs.

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