Thursday, October 25, 2018

A Pseudo-Heraldic Logo

It is interesting to note how often a shield shape is used to exemplify protection.

Continuing our walk beyond St. Thomas' Hospital, we passed a construction area which boldly announced that it was being protected by a specific security company. Oh, and guard dogs, which I think may possibly have been the bigger deterrent.

The company's logo is an interesting combination of an heraldic shield, a clenched gauntlet, and a pun on it's name.

If I had to try to blazon it, I would make it Quarterly argent and azure a clenched gauntlet grasping a rolled and sealed charter scroll fesswise whose margins extend beyond the edges of the shield azure.

Admittedly, the larger image of the two on the sign reverses the tinctures, and makes the gauntlet and charter argent.

Still, though, however quasi-heraldic and difficult to blazon the logo may be, it does tend to leave the viewer with a feeling of guardianship and protection, which is what you really want in a security company, isn't it?

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