Thursday, December 31, 2015

Something Heraldic to "Ring" in the New Year

It's always interesting to see the different ways in which people use (and sometimes misuse) heraldry.

Recently on Facebook I ran across this:

"What is it?" you ask. Why, it's a Barris Custom guitar by Hallmark, of course. The design is based on custom hotrod builder George Barris' personal "crest."  How real is that coat of arms? Not very, I suspect, but isn't that a cool guitar?  And wouldn't it be great to use to help bring in the new year?

There's a bit more information about and photographs of another one of these guitars, as well as photos of a couple of Mr. Barris' car creations, at Only fifty of these guitars were made, and as of my writing this, one of them is for sale on eBay. Or you can pick one up from the source for only US$999 at (The site runs Flash and plays music when you open it. You have been warned!)


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