Thursday, December 3, 2015

Say What?

I see a lot of stuff that demonstrates that while people may like heraldry, for any number of reasons, many of them don't really understand it. A recent example of this was sent to my email in-box recently, with a link to some heraldry-like art by an artist over on the Shutterstock website.

And because I'm always interested in such things, I clicked on the link went to take a look.

Not bad, really. Even the general description of the design didn't bother me much ("Heraldic royal coronet illustration, imperial striped decorative coat of arms"). But the part that really stuck out to me was part of the description of the blank motto scroll under the shield, which was described as, I kid you not, an "undulate festive ribbon."

I should probably get a nice soft pad to put on my desk, to help reduce the bruising when I do a faceplant and hit my head on the desk. Because while the bruising on my forehead may be "undulate," it really isn't very "festive."


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