Monday, July 20, 2015

More Poking Fun at Flags

Last June 26, I posted about an article that poked fun, or in some cases, tried to but didn't quite make it, at US state flags.  Now I've run across another article, this one poking fun at British county flags, entitled "Is your county flag one of the 20 most bonkers in the UK?"

I'm going to give you just a couple of examples from the article, but before you start in on me, yes, I know that the author either: (1) has very little knowledge of heraldic meanings; or (2) simply decided to ignore that knowledge to go ahead and poke some fun at these flags.

So with that caveat, I give you the flag of Cheshire, with the author's comment:

Cheshire: fighting off ferocious hay bales since 980 AD.  That or they've got a woeful grasp of appropriate agricultural instruments.

And Surrey:

If you're looking for a psychedelic board to play draughts on, Surrey's flag is for you.

Yes, I know that this is simply the arms of de Warrenne, Checky or and azure.

My favorite comment of them all though, is the one about the flag of the County of Norfolk:

Norfolk had a lovely banner of gold and black with a white bar.  Until some bloody bird walked over the white paint!

Yes, it's really not a "bar" but a bend, and it's really not bird prints but ermine.  Still, you have to admit, it really does look a bit like bird tracks.

And I laughed out loud at what the author said about the flag of Merionethshire, given as the "most bonkers county flag in Britain!"  But now that I've seen the comment, I'll never see the flag in quite the same way ever again.

I found the entire article a bit amusing, and thought I would share.  You can find the whole thing (including Merionethshire, and a bunch more) on the website of the Irish Examiner at



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